National Press Club and Mishal Private Limited Sign MoU for the Empowerment of Media Through Capacity Building and Training Initiatives.

The National Press Club (NPC), Islamabad and Mishal Pvt. Limited (MISHAL) have signed a memorandum of understanding on capacity building and training initiatives at the National Press Club. The MoU envisages of empowering the media by capacity building initiatives for the members of the NPC through interactive workshops, seminars and courses on specific sectors. Both the parties will identify the gaps in the reporting structures and building the capacity of the journalists for creating opportunities according to the new tools of global communications.

Both NPC and Mishal will create a knowledge exchange platform; whereby media exchange programs will be developed to build synergies in the field of journalism and technical know-how. Mishal will develop a framework on journalism/media recognition awards in consultation with NPC. The awards will be developed according to the areas of activities of NPC as well as on national level media and journalism initiatives. MISHAL in collaboration with NPC will also develop an annual report on the “State of Media in Pakistan”.

According to the details of the MoU initiatives for the empowerment and mainstreaming of media professionals will be undertaken by creating a hybrid pool of resources for knowledge sharing. Identifying the gaps in the reporting structures and building the capacity of the journalists for creating opportunities according to the new tools of global communications. MISHAL in collaboration with NPC will develop communication collateral on the achievements of the members of NPC. Mishal will also develop a special social media platform for the members of NPC to create a knowledge society, based on experience and information sharing.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Afzal Butt, President National Press Club said, the National Press Club is the representative body of more than 2500 journalists based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it also caters for the journalists visiting Islamabad from other parts of the country as well as international journalists visiting Pakistan. Mr. Butt appreciated Mishal for taking this land mark initiative, which is for the first of its kind in the history of media development in the country that such an opportunity will be available for the media person to enhance their capacity and ability to report and discharge their professional duties. He further said that, NPC will facilitate MISHAL in identifying the areas/sectors for capacity building of its members. NPC will also share its knowledge-based resources in developing the annual report on the State of Media in Pakistan. NPC will also encourage its members to actively take part in the joint initiatives of NPC and MISHAL.

Mr. Amir Jahangir, CEO for Mishal Pvt. Limited appreciated NPC for reposing confidence in Mishal and becoming a partner for a wide-range of activities to empower the media professionals through media trainings, interactive workshops and sector-wise content development trainings for the journalists. He further said, MISHAL will finance technical consultancy for the development of social media platform to create the knowledge-based initiatives for the journalists. MISHAL will develop the media exchange program through a transparent selection process in consultation with NPC. MISHAL in collaboration with NPC will also identify the gaps in the curriculum of Mass Communication/Journalism and Media Studies and will provide a guideline to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for improvements in the curriculum to develop the capacity of the media industry. Mr. Jahangir has been recognized as the Young Global Leader for 2010 by the World Economic Forum for creating initiatives for sustainable development of the media sector in Pakistan. He is also the programme adviser to Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism on Global media and Journalism in Pakistan.

Mr. Zamir Haider, Chairman Capacity Building and Training Committee of the National Press Club said that, this is an important event for NPC, which will create great opportunities for the media persons in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi region. This will especially recognize the hard work and the professionalism of the NPC members.

The event was attended by the office bearers of NPC and visiting office bearers of other press clubs/media associations and journalists from other parts of the country including, WANA, Daradam Khel, various parts of interior Sindh and Baluchistan.


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