Pakistan Today Reports: Agahi Awards 2017 – Pakistan Today honoured with two awards

  • Samiullah Randhawa, Usman Hanif win awards for reports on water crisis, economy, respectively

  • The awards celebrate responsibility, accountability in media

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Today has bagged two Journalists of the Year awards in the Economy and Water Stewardship category of the Agahi Awards.

Samiullah Randhawa (Water Crisis) and Usman Hanif (Economy) received the awards in recognition of their professional commitment to promoting accountability for safeguarding the public interest.

Samiullah Randhawa (L) and Usman Hanif (R) have received awards in their respective beats

The Agahi Awards ceremony held on Saturday was hosted by Saima Shirazi and Shamoon Hashmi.

The best of the media industry striving for ethical journalism from all across Pakistan were recognised as Journalists of the Year in their respective categories at the Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad.

Leading opinion makers, senior journalists, policymakers, diplomats, ambassadors, academicians, leading professionals from the media industry and representatives from think tanks attended the award ceremony.

This year, Agahi Awards received more than 5,000 nominations from all over the country in 40 different categories from print, television, radio and online media.

Agahi President and co-founder Puruesh Chaudhary at the outset of the ceremony said, “This year Agahi Awards celebrates responsibilities’; in 2017 as the nation marks 70 years of independence – we should recognise the tremendous effort of the journalist community in the creation of this country, this is the strength of free media.

Speaking at the occasion, Nestle Corporate Affairs Head Waqar Ahmad said, “Media has an extremely important role to play in raising awareness on Pakistan’s nutrition and water challenge. By adopting a collective approach, Nestle Pakistan has taken a lead to promote water stewardship locally, he said.

The awards recognise accountability as the key currency for public trust in this evolving attention economy, where media becomes the platform to promote social values and transparency.


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