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MISHAL Pakistan Recognized as the Leading Provider of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Planning Services

Corporate Vision Magazine, UK Announced the Small Business Awards 2021 for the Global Best Practices, Business Performance, Institutional Reputation, Ecosystem Support, Innovation and Longevity.  

Islamabad, PK – 14 June 2022 – The Corporate Vision Magazine has announced its Small Business Awards for the year 2021. the Small Business Awards have been conducted by the magazine since 2016 to promote organizations showing business excellence in their respective fields. The Awards have looked to celebrate small enterprises and their dedicated owners. Small Businesses have given the global economy a solid foundation and help to shape the corporate landscape.

Mishal Pakistan, the leading strategic communication organization in Pakistan has been recognized as the Leading Providers of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Planning Services – Pakistan. This award is in recognition of Mishal’s work to develop the strategic communication landscape in Pakistan.

The awards are to shine a light on the individuals and businesses that have helped to make this true, despite the hardships and obstacles.

On the occasion, Amir Jahangir, founder, and CEO of Mishal said, “Mishal has been one of the pioneers of strategic communications in Pakistan. The beauty of Mishal’s work is that the client and its work is always visible and deserves that limelight, the stratcom organization is always at the back and behind the scenes”. He further said, “With this award we are pleased that Mishal’s work has been recognized as one of the leading strategic communications organizations in the world”.

In its message the Small Business Awards team of the Corporate Vision magazine said, “Mishal’s success is not based on its size, number of employees, or annual turnover! Instead, its success is demonstrated through innovative products and services, an exemplary reputation within the communications and reputation management industry and client/customer satisfaction across the board!”

Each year, Corporate Vision Magazine proudly seeks out the very best that the small business community has to offer on a global basis and this year is no different. For the 2021 Small Business Awards Corporate Vision Magazine established a strict criterion to identify businesses that represent the determination and dedication it takes to establish, run, and grow a small business successfully.

Like all awards hosted by Corporate Vision, The Small Business Awards 2021 are judged purely on merit. To ensure this, an in-house research team carefully analyzes any information that is available both online and in the public domain. Those who make the final winners’ selection are presented to the circulation of 155,000 individuals and promoted on the Corporate Vision Small Business magazine’s platform as leading lights of the small business community.

Corporate Vision is published monthly on the digital platform with the mission to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world. Launched with an eye towards bettering business practices across the board, It focus’ on spotlighting advances in the HR, communications, coaching, and recruitment spheres. The organization puts shine and light on the gatekeepers of better business. Those that help build, through no small amount of creativity and expertise, to develop an altogether more productive, more efficient world of work.

AI Global Media launched Corporate Vision to acknowledge and celebrate businesses all over the world who strive – every day- to be better than they were. It features companies that innovate, grow, and thrive despite challenges and uncertainty with the motto of “success relies on an ability to be agile and futures-thinking”.

With a focused worldwide circulation of over 155,000 business leaders and experts, Corporate Vision remains a vital resource for those who want to remain up-to-date and in-the-know about the latest business news. Its monthly magazine acts as a guide and networking tool to help deliver future success.

Corporate Vision is brought to you by AI Global Media, a B2B digital publishing group founded in 2010. The group currently has 13 brands within its portfolio that include luxury lifestyle, construction, healthcare and small business focused publications. AI Global Media is dedicated to delivering content you can trust. A complete list of the winners is available on the Corporate Vision Magazine’s website: https://www.corporatevision-news.com/winners-list/?award=2699-2021

Mishal Pakistan is the Country Partner Institute of the New Economy and Societies Platform, World Economic Forum. Mishal is Pakistan’s leading strategic communication and research company. Mishal is responsible for generating primary data on more than 200 indicators measuring Pakistan’s competitiveness. Mishal’s foremost domain of activity is behavior change and strategic communication with a spotlight on public policy, perception, and reputation management.

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