Our Vision

Education, Entertainment and Enlightenment constitute the ultimate key to human growth and advancement. The Mishal philosophy takes its birth from this very principle, the ultimate vision being to cater for the growing need of meaningful and focused communication outreach.

Corporate Philosophy

Mishal’s foremost domain of activity is strategic communication with a spotlight on
media & public relations, behavior change communication, perception building and
future scenario predictions using methodologies and resources that service the
lifestyle and social needs of individuals, their families, the communities they live in
and ultimately their larger domains.

Our strategic communication projects, therefore, aim at assisting people gain the
awareness, knowledge and ability to meet their developmental needs. The
projects center on people, their needs and perceptions, helping them
understand issues and be able to act in ways that improve their health,
education or economic well-being. Our approach is interactive developed
through partnerships and collaborations with the target stakeholders.

Our Mission & Objectives

  • To be the leading strategic communication solution service provider in terms of
    innovation, competitiveness and ground-breaking possibilities.
  • To set the highest standards of creative work with a rich motivational and influential
  • To provide efficient and prompt services to stakeholders eager to create a mark in
    the strategic communication
  • .

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