Business Recorder Reports: Partly Facetious: It’s a perception index!

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Partly Facetious: It’s a perception index!

 “Loyalty above merit, such is the focus of the Sharif administration if the Global Competitiveness Index under the auspices of the World Economic Forum is anything to go by.”

“It’s a perception index so who cares!”

“A perception of Mian sahib’s constituency namely over 300 top business houses in the country.”

“These Western institutions have no idea what our people are thinking! I mean look at all the bye-election results and…”

“Excuse me, but World Economic Forum has an annual meeting end January to early February in Davos Switzerland and need I add Mian sahib in particular loves to attend that ever year and if you remember he insisted on attending even when we had a major terror attack in the country and…”

“Because London is a hop, skip and jump away from Davos.”

“Anyway loyalty above merit is the Sharif administration’s policy.”

“I disagree – merit implies education and relevant experience, Mian sahib focuses on relevant experience and need I add past experience under his own administration implies loyalty as well so an amalgam of the two. Clever, hunh!”

“Even if past experience has been bad?”

“Hey, you are the kind of person who always sees the glass as half empty anyway Mian sahib doesn’t always appoint people on the basis of loyalty and merit. Take the case of the man who shall remain nameless, the most important man in our cricket since Mian sahib took over as patron in chief – the man who recently made some rather inane comments about Afridi, now he has overseen the decline of our cricket and now we are number 9 in rankings…”

“We improved one place and God bless the West Indies, they had not too much lose as world champions while we gained one position.”

“Right, but the man who shall remain nameless has emerged as a Maulana Fazlur Rehman and…”

“Maulana sahib is a politician and the man who shall remain nameless is not and…”

“They are both useful – the Maulana when Mian sahib does not have two-third majority and the man who shall remain nameless during the caretaker days and so…”

“I get it.”

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