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The Top 10 Risks Faced by Pakistan in the Next 24 Months

The World Economic Forum in its global crisis risk report has identified 10 risks faced by Pakistan till 2025. In its ‘Global Risks’ report, the global forum said that Pakistan is among larger emerging markets exhibiting a heightened risk of default. In coming two years Pakistan can face shortage of food, cyber security issues, inflation and economic crisis. According to the report, affordability and availability of basic necessities can stoke social and political instability. It said water stress was widespread and its scarcity, combined with paralysis of international cooperation mechanisms, has necessitated a degree of water nationalism, resulting in prolonged disputes. The report also referred to the super floods in Pakistan which destroyed swathes of agricultural land, increasing commodity prices significantly in a country already grappling with record 27% inflation.

WEF Global Risk Report 2023: Top 10 risks identified as biggest threats to Pakistan 

WEF identifies 10 major risks Pakistan can face till 2025

World Economic Forum (WEF) in its Global Risk Report 2023 has identified five top risks out of 35 through an executive opinion survey for 124 economies surveyed between April and September 2022.

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