Memorandum of Understanding to be signed between the Lahore Press Club and Mishal (Pvt.) Limited to empower the media through capacity building and training initiatives in Punjab, Pakistan

The Lahore Press Club and Mishal Pvt. Limited will sign a memorandum of understanding on capacity building and training initiatives on Monday 31st May 2010 at the Lahore Press Club (LPC) auditorium, at 10:00 am. The MoU will generate opportunities for capacity building initiatives for the members of the Lahore Press Club through interactive workshops, seminars and courses on specific
sectors. Both the organizations will identify the gaps in the reporting structures and will build the capacity of the journalists for creating opportunities according to the new tools of global communications.

The MoU will be signed by Mr. Sarmad Bashir, President of Lahore Press Club and Mr. Amir Jahangir, CEO for Mishal (Pvt.) Limited. Mr. Jahangir has been honoured as the Young Global Leader for 2010 by the World Economic Forum for creating sustainable and responsible media and development initiatives. He is also advisor to the Stanford Center for research on Innovation and Communication, Stanford University. The Festival of Media at Valencia in Spain has nominated Mr. Jahangir among the top 10 media personalities in world.

Mr. Jahangir will share his global experience with the members of the Lahore Press Club but and also work with the LPC to build new beats into the media and journalism sector in Pakistan. This alliance will not only improve the competitiveness of the media industry along with other sectors of economy, but would also create more inter-cluster communications.

Both LPC and Mishal will create a knowledge exchange initiatives; whereby media exchange programs will be developed to build synergies in the field of journalism and its technical knowhow. Mishal will develop a framework on journalism/media recognition awards in consultation with LPC. The awards will be developed according to the areas of LPC as well as on national level media and journalism initiatives. MISHAL in collaboration with LPC will also develop an annual report on the “State of Media in Pakistan”.

Earlier Mishal has also signed a capacity building and training initiatives’ memorandum of understanding with the National Press Club, whereby it will encourage competition amongst journalists in different verticals of socio-economic and political segments.

Lahore Press Club exists since partition of the subcontinent while the existing building of Lahore Press Club was established in 1992. LPC has more than one thousand members and a similar number of affiliate members.

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