Voice of America Interviews Amir Jahangir on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership in Pakistan

Innovation Journalism (InJo) is journalism covering innovation. It covers innovation processes and innovation ecosystems. Traditional newsbeats – like business, technology, science and political journalism — look only at certain aspects of innovation processes and ecosystems. But in Innovation Journalism (InJo) innovation is treated as a topic within each beat, and the bigger picture is chopped up to fit into a specific news slot, usually technology or business journalism. Amir Jahangir from Pakistan is not only on Stanford University InJo advisory board, where Innovation Journalism first started a few years ago, but he is also the recipient of World Global Leader Award that is given each year by World Economic Forum to those who are leading the way in either media, technology or business and positively impacting the common man in their own respective countries. Jahangir is working on introducing InJo in Pakistan.


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