LADIESFUND® and MISHAL Launches First Women Fellowship Program in Pakistan;

Application Deadline February 20, 2011

Karachi, January 29, 2011 – MISHAL Private Limited, the leading strategic communication enterprise, specializing in media and communication for policy design launched the 1st Fellowship Program in Pakistan. Realizing the importance of strengthening and developing human capital for a diverse workforce, Mishal launched a fellowship program in collaboration with the LADIESFUND®, an initiative to address gender parity by bringing them into mainstream economic activities.

This initiative is in line with the corporate vision of the MISHAL in supporting Entrepreneurship initiatives for a vibrant and prosperous Pakistan. MISHAL is already supporting the KARACHI PRESS CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS and the Harvard University Professor Michael Porter’s AllWorld Network Initiative for Pakistan Fast Growth Companies, where dynamic entrepreneurs are ranked according to the criteria set by the AllWorld Network and Professor Michael Porter of Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School.

Amir Jahangir, CEO Mishal Private Limited, on the launch of the Fellowship said “The Fellowship program will engage multiple stakeholders for creating value for the industry-academia linkage program. It will engage the key players in the exercise to create a culture of entrepreneurship for women in Pakistan”. Jahangir further added, “The social and corporate investment projects are a testimony to MISHAL’s commitment, targets and performance in delivering on our corporate and social responsibilities”.

LADIESFUND® and MISHAL have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), for the joint implementation and management of the LADIESFUND®-MISHAL Fellowship program. The LADIESFUND®-MISHAL Fellowship aims to support those candidates who are striving towards better education but lack the financial resources to undertake initiatives, which encourages women empowerment.

This Fellowship is for a woman from the grassroots level, with a combined monthly household income of Rs. 40,000/- with computer skills and interest in designing and maintaining for one year an entire Social Media Strategy for LADIESFUND® including managing the twitter, facebook, LinkedIn pages and youtube channel, developing the Pakistani Women Power List and the e-daily paper of the most influential women of Pakistan’s tweets, and to develop a database of the female professionals and entrepreneurs in Pakistan for networking and mentorships.

Her role would be to translate LADIESFUND® in to Pakistan’s first brand with true Social Media presence and then combine that with the database of women to be a true resource for Pakistan. The candidates after a careful scrutiny of the documents by the selection committee will evaluate the candidate by an interview panel, consisting of industry experts, academia, regulatory bodies and professionals from the relevant sectors.

Tara Uzra Dawood CEO Dawood Capital Management Ltd. Managers of LADIESFUND® said, “Upon selection of the participant, the successful Fellowship holder will be offered a one year Fellowship grant of Rs.100,000 from Mishal Private Limited and an opportunity to work at LADIESFUND® knowledge resource center, designing and maintaining its Social Media Strategy. This Fellowship will award a Rs. 100,000/- grant to the winner, with Rs. 50,000/- awarded at the LADIESFUND® Awards ceremony and the remaining amount at the completion of the project proposal and one year’s Fellowship. The LADIESFUND® will also offer internship opportunities to the Fellow during the financial year of the LADIESFUND®-MISHAL Fellowship program”.

LADIESFUND®, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility has joined hands with MISHAL for promotion of Gender Parity issues in Pakistan and to encourage the culture of Entrepreneurship among women in the country. MISHAL is already managing a wide array of fellowship and scholarship programs. This unique collaboration between a communication entity i.e. MISHAL and a private entity i.e. LADIESFUND® will serve as a model of partnership program for other corporate entities.

Mishal, launched in 2003, has been engaged with some of the most dynamic organizations in the region to develop their communication strategy and solutions for better understand and creating synergies between different entities.

Mishal has been at the forefront of communications solutions and is actively pursuing to improve the state of media and journalism in Pakistan.

The team behind Mishal has been developing, creating and managing media entities and content for the last 20 years at various platforms. Taking this initiative to the next level Mishal has been actively pursuing to build the capacity of the media in creating better understanding the issues in global perspective.

Mishal has undertaken the task to build the capacity of the Press Clubs and Associations in Pakistan by creating a knowledge-sharing learning platform for the media and journalists across Pakistan. The initiative will build the capacity through interactive workshops, conferences, collaborative thinking and media and journalism awards for the professionals in the field of journalism and media. For information please visit

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