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Mishal Pakistan and AGAHI in Collaboration with Media Development Trust Creates the TRUST GOLD MEDAL (TGM)

Mishal Pakistan and AGAHI in Collaboration with Media Development Trust Creates the TRUST GOLD MEDAL (TGM)

Recognizing The Best Public Interest Communication Campaigns in Pakistan with THE TRUST GOLD MEDAL (TGM) to Recognize the Best Strategic Communication Campaign on Public Interest Issues.

Pakistan has produced a legacy of brave hearts since times immemorial. Probably there is not enough space to measure their sacrifices and achievements. However, we cannot close our eyes to thTRUST GOLD MEDALose people who have made our country proud by excelling in their own fields and bringing us international recognition. In order to commemorate their achievements, Mishal Pakistan and AGAHI in collaboration with the Media Development Trust are pleased to announce The TRUST GOLD MEDAL recognition to the exceptional service of professionals and organizations towards the advancement of strategic communication in Public Service Campaign of the highest order.

THE TRUST GOLD MEDAL was born out of a strange paradox. Every profession recognizes annually the superlative performance of one of their own. There are few opportunities for truly great people and organizations to be recognized by their peers. Therefore, we honour individuals as well as organizations, whose exemplary efforts over long periods of time in difficult environments have inspired us to greater heights. The purpose behind recognizing these professionals and institutions is intended to locate, identify and recognize the initiatives of the public sector institutions, corporate sector, voluntary/non-profit organizations and individuals who are addressing and fostering excellence in the field of strategic communication in public interest.

Eligibility Criteria

The TRUST GOLD MEDAL 2015 is conferred to professionals, institutions, voluntary organizations, civil society institutions and individuals in urban as well as rural areas in Pakistan involved in activities and programmes inter alia aimed at ‘Fostering Strategic Communication in Public Interest’ The Trust Gold Medal shall be given in recognition of excellence, result-oriented performance and commendable achievements on the following prerequisites:

  • Measurable impact on Public Sector i.e. Knowledge empowering communities through improving strategic communication between citizens and institutions or key stakeholders;
  • Consistent pursuit of promoting activities encouraging efficiency in the public service delivery;
  • The extent and range of the nominee’s activities stimulating similar action by other individuals/institutions in Pakistan.
  • The impact of the communication campaign should lead to mobilization of new resources for improving overall status of the public service delivery.
  • Extent of convergence and networking with other organizations.
  • The communication should work as a multiplier effect on the critical thinking capability of the stakeholders.
  • Building public sentiments of ownership and pride contributing towards a more informed society.

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