Measuring Pakistan’s Competitiveness – World Economic Forum:


As a country partner institute of the Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Networks, World Economic Forum, Mishal is responsible for improving country’s soft and hard data. This involves not only a national survey for the business leaders, which contributes to the global survey sample of more than 14,000 professionals to create the Voice of the Business Community. Highlighting the core socio-economic and political challenges faced by the country in the context of 144 countries globally.

The World Economic Forum defines Competitiveness as the set of institutions, policies, and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country. Mishal works closely with public as well as private sector institutions to improve the data-sources on Pakistan, this involves interaction with regulatory bodies at all levels and policy guidelines for the governments at federal and provincial levels to identify policy gaps to improve the state of competitiveness.

In collaboration with Mishal, the World Economic Forum issues the following annual reports on Pakistan’s ranking in global perspective. Mishal provides the intellectual input for all these reports:

  1. The Global Competitiveness Report
  2. The Global Information Technology Report
  3. The Global Trade Enabling Report
  4. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report
  5. Global Risks Reports
  6. The Global Gender Gap Report
  7. The Global Financial Development Report
  8. Green Investment Reports
  9. The State of Pakistan Competitiveness Report (in progress).

The relationship with the World Economic Forum, positions Mishal as a unique institution to interact and provide policy guidelines to the Government of Pakistan and other provincial governments to improve their state of affairs on more than 150 indicators of development.

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