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The 2nd AGAHI Awards Maps out Quality Journalism in Pakistan

The 2nd AGAHI Awards Maps out Quality Journalism in Pakistan.

AGAHI Awards 2013 Winners Pakistan's best journalists at the AGAHI Awards 2013

AGAHI Awards 2013 Winners
Pakistan’s best journalists at the AGAHI Awards 2013

Journalists compete in more than 50 different categories; AGAHI Awards encourages best content in print, television, radio and online journalism.

Pakistan’s most prestigious journalism “Agahi Awards 2013” celebrated today at PNCA Islamabad. The Awards have been organized in collaboration with leading press clubs, local and international media development institutions, regulatory authorities, civil society organizations, private sector and other stakeholders. Puruesh Chaudhary Founder & President, AGAHI and Amir Jahangir Chief Executive Officer, Mishal Pakistan founded these awards in 2012.
The Agahi Awards are an annual series of awards for journalism in Pakistan, developed under the umbrella of the Credibility Lab at Mishal for creating an appreciation methodology for ethical and quality content. The evaluation methodology and criteria of the awards have been designed on the pillars of Media Development Indicators of UNESCO, in collaboratiosn with the Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) and UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The Awards were inaugurated in March 2012 and have become the most prestigious awards for the journalism in Pakistan.

The Awards have created appreciation for journalism in fifty different categories including business and economy, conflict, corruption, crime, education, infotainment, the nexus between water, energy and food security, gender and governance, health, extremism and terrorism, peace, interfaith, dignity; thus creating media diversity across print, television, radio and the online media.

Academic partners for Agahi Awards 2013 from the disciplines of journalism and mass communication included; Fatima Jinnah Women University (Rawalpindi), Allama Iqbal Open University (Islamabad), Bahauddin Zakariya University (Multan), International Islamic University (Islamabad), Islamia University (Bahawalpur), University of Gujrat, National University of Science and Technology (Islamabad), Roskilde University (Denmark), Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom at European University (Italy).
The awards ceremony was presented by Osama Bin Javaid, a Pakistani journalist based in the Middle East and Razeshta Sethna, par of the editorial team at a leading English language publication in Pakistan. The Awards also have special categories including “Current Affairs Anchor of the Year” and “News Channel of the Year” in Pakistan. These categories are on the basis of people’s choice, which includes voting for these two categories by reaching out to more than 6 million Pakistanis through social media engagement and 1.5 million via SMS campaign and direct feedback.
GEO NEWS won the Peoples’ Choice Award for the “Most Favourite News Channel” second year around. 
The “Current Affairs Anchor of the Year” Award was for two emerging anchors; won by Iqrar ul Hassan (ARY News) and Alia Nazki (BBC Urdu), as “the Emerging Current Affair Anchor of the Year” in the male and female categories. “Investigative Journalist of the Year” award was won by Asad Kharal (Express Tribune).
Ejaz Haider from Capital TV was awarded the “Most Credible Anchor” based on the Media Credibility Index developed in collaboration with more than 10 journalism schools in Pakistan.
To ensure diversity in content and more social issues to be highlighted in media, Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with Save the Children created the health category further dividing them into six sub-categories. This has not only increased the quantum of health content in media, but has also encouraged journalists to write more on the socio-economic challenges in Pakistan.
This year AGAHI Awards received an overwhelming response by the journalist community, where more than 1500 nominations were received from all over the country across more than 50 different categories in print, television, radio and online content.
Press Clubs in Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Multan, and the National Press Club along with the Kashmir Press Club (Mirpur) and the Tribal Union of Journalists, Center for International Media Ethics, Ethical Journalism Network, Media Helping Media, Save the Children, Devex, International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Press Council of Pakistan, Internews Network, Center for Investigative Journalism (Bosina-Sarajevo), Transnational Crisis Project, Hayward Black Media, MediaShift, P@sha have partnered to ensure making the journalism awards at par with international standard of journalism.
Mishal Pakistan is the country partner Institute of the Center for Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Networks at the World Economic Forum. Established in 2003, Mishal has been engaged with key stakeholders in Pakistan to improve the state of media through good governance initiatives.

The AGAHI Awards 2013 Winners


Peoples Choice Awards

Most Favorite News Channel of the Year

Geo News

Emerging Current Affairs Anchor of the Year (Female)

Aliya Nazki – BBC Urdu

Emerging Current Affair Anchor (Male)

 Iqrar ul Hassan – ARY News

Investigative Journalist of the Year

Asad Kharal – Express Tribune

Most Credible Current Affairs Anchor of the Year

Ejaz Haider – Capital TV

 AGAHI Journalist of the Year Awards in the following categories:

Human Rights

Aamir Saeed (Pique Magazine) 

Gender – Health and Survival

Abdul Shakoor (APP) 


Abdur Rauf (Express Tribune) 

Media Safety

Syed Ali Shah (DAWN News) 

Non-communicable Diseases

Ali Usman (Express Tribune) 


Allah Bux Arisar (DAWN) 

Gender – Domestic Violence

Allah Bux Arisar (DAWN)

Gender – Economic Opportunity

Allah Bux Arisar (DAWN)


Xari Jalil (DAWN / PIQUE)


Asad Kharal (Express Tribune)

Law and Order

Asad Kharal (Express Tribune)

Minorities and Marginalised Communities

Zia ur Rehman (The Friday Times) 


Ashraf Javed (The Nation)

Energy, Water and Food Security

Aslam Chandio (Online News International / Weekly Pulse)


Aslam Chandio (Online News International / Weekly Pulse)


Bina Shah (Freelance Blogger)

Child Survival

Din Muhammad Watanpaal  (Daily Qudrat, Quetta)


Faseeh Mangi (Bloomberg)

Child Protection

Fazal Khaliq (Express Tribune)


Ghulam Mohiuddin (AAJ TV)


Hanif Samoon (DAWN.com)

Market Environment

Jawwad Rizvi (The News)

Child Rights

Kiran Nazish (DAWN.com)

Labour Market Efficiency

Maimoona Saeed (GEO News TV)

Health and Primary Education

Maliha Naz Rana (Herald) 

Political and Regulatory Environment

Mehtab Haider (The News)

Journalism for Peace

Mubashir Zaidi (DAWN.com)


Muhammad Irfan Haider (DAWN)

Competitiveness – Business & Economy

Naween Mangi (Bloomberg)

Media Ethics

Sarah Munir (Express Tribune)

Health and Nutrition

Sarwar Baloch (VASH TV)

Disaster and Catastrophe

Sehrish Wasif (Express Tribune)

Climate Change

Shabina Faraz (Jang)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shahzada Irfan Ahmed (The News)


Shahzada Irfan Ahmed (The News)

Higher Education and Training

Shakeel Ahmed (Dawn News)

Flood and Disaster Reporting

Zahid Gishkori (Express Tribune)


Zahir Shah Sherazi (Dawn News)

Democratic Values – General Elections 2013

Zahir Shah Sherazi (DAWN News)


Zahir Shah Sherazi (DAWN.com)

Court Reporting

Zeeshan Anwar (Express News)

Extremism and Terrorism

Zia Ur Rehman (The Friday Times)

Routine and Polio Immunization

Zia Ur Rehman (The Friday Times)

Gender – Political Empowerment

Zia Ur Rehman (The Friday Times)

Photo Journalism

Zahir Shah Sherazi (DAWN.com)

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