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Credibility Lab at Mishal

To improve the state of media in Pakistan, Mishal launched its initiatives under the banner of Credibility Lab at Mishal.

The Credibility Lab is an initiative to create new frameworks and methodologies to measure current trends and indices on Media Ethics, Journalism Standards, Media Credibility and Rankings to be measured on international benchmarks.

The Credibility Lab among other areas is working on models to improve more creative interactions between the Triple Helix players.

The Credibility Lab is also working to explore the potential for innovation and economic development in a Knowledge-based Society, which lies in a more prominent role for the university and the hybridisation of elements from University, industry and Government to generate new institutional and social formats for the production, transfer and application of knowledge.

Mishal Pakistan’s Credibility Lab work as a knowledge sharing and a network for experts from the industry, academia and policy makers. The Credibility lab is working with more than 14 research-academic institutions, specializing in journalism studies and media sciences across Pakistan, a similar number of international universities and media development institutions have partnered with Mishal on this initiative.

The Credibility Lab at Mishal has undertaken the following initiatives: (click on each link for details)

  1. Media Credibility Index
  2. Agahi Awards
  3. Measuring Pakistan’s Competitiveness – World Economic Forum

The Credibility Lab, through its activities will further strengthen the Triple Helix concept, which relies on three main ideas:

  1. a more prominent role for the University in creating new though and research processes, on a par with Industry and Government in the Knowledge Society;
  2. a movement toward collaborative relationships among the three major institutional spheres, in which information and knowledge policy is increasingly an outcome of interaction rather than a prescription from Government;
  3. in addition to fulfilling their traditional functions, each institutional sphere also “takes the role  of the other” performing new roles as well as their traditional function.

The Credibility Lab will be publishing its research in collaboration with its partners on periodic basis on the state of media and competitiveness in Pakistan.

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