Media Credibility Index (MCI)

The Media Credibility Index (MCI), an initiative started in January 2013 in collaboration with leading research institutions across Pakistan and international journalism and media academics and practitioners. The Media Credibility Index focuses on the relative credibility and believability of various media channels through which content is created.
First time in Pakistan a media credibility index is developed after an extensive examination of media laws, ethics, rules and regulations drafted by different media groups, regulatory bodies and journalistic organizations both at national as well as international arena. The MCI will explore the state of media in Pakistan against six media credibility indicators and 20 sub-indices.

Mishal has incorporated more than thirty code of conducts, ethical code and journalism principles, which include currently prevalent seven national code of conducts and twenty four international code of ethics from international regulatory bodies, country code of conducts and agreed journalistic codes of ethics across the globe.

Codes of Ethics framed by Pakistani media groups have also being included such as Jang group’s Geo Asool, Dunya’s code of ethics, Express group’s journalism code of conduct and Dawn Group’s principles and code of conduct.

After reviewing the principles of journalism and codes of ethics for journalists; six media credibility indicators with 20 sub-indices have been developed in order to measure the media discourse and credibility of current affair content in Pakistan. This extensive study entails thirty-five current affair programs of the mainstream Pakistani news channels.

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