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Serious commitment on policy level is imperative to transform education landscape in Sindh

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Editors emphasized on improved role of media to make education issues a priority – ILMOAGAHI

Karachi – 02 June, 2014 –“Sindh’s overall education performance is very poor and it is a challenge for policy makers to transform the education landscape in Sindh. According to Alif Ailaan Education ranking 2014 there is only one district of Sindh in top 50 districts. Pakistan is one of those countries who spends minimum percentage of GDP on education. Media and civil society should join hands to highlight the issues related education and put pressure on stake holders.” It was the consensus at editors’ round table meeting organized by ILMOAGAHI in Karachi today. A number of senior journalist, editors and news directors from main stream newspapers and leading TV channels participated in the meeting.

Meeting was organized by Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with Ilm Ideas. Earlier today a training workshop on education journalism was also organized and attended by more than 25 education reporters from various mainstream news organization.

“Media has assumed the role of a guide in daily life of every one and is used as an instrument of policy by the government” said Amir Zia.

President AGAHI Puruesh Chaudhary said that “education in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of development. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Media should perform its basic duty to educate the society that leads towards a prosperous and moderate Pakistan”.

20140602_172037 (3)Senior Journalists and lead trainer of ILMOAGAHI, Mobashir Zaidi said that “Education is one of the major challenge of 21st century for Pakistan and existence of its people. Without making education a foremost priority we can’t get economic stability and respect in the community of nations.”

The objective of ILMOAGAHI initiative is to improve accountability and media coverage of priority education issues and consensus building on education policies by engaging media.

Through the ILM-o-AGAHI initiative, 18 education journalism workshops were held across Pakistan during last two months for education reporters to increase their capacity and improve the coverage on education issues in media. In each workshop, more than 30 education reporters participated where their capacity to report on identified educational challenges enhanced and  improved understanding and skills among journalists to capture community’s perspective and voice including children’s voice.

Mishal Pakistan is the partner institute of the Center for International Media Ethics and the Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Networks of the World Economic Forum. Mishal assists the forum in creating soft-data on Pakistan, identifying Pakistan’s competitiveness challenges including primary health & education and higher education.

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