National Book Day launched in Pakistan under the banner of providing quality and equal education for all.

The National Book Foundation, a statutory body under the Ministry of Education today celebrated the National Book Day across Pakistan. The event was launched for the very first time in Pakistan to highlight the importance of education through knowledge and the right of quality education for all.

The event was held at the National Book Foundation and was inaugurated by the Federal Minister for Education, Sardar Asif Khan, under the presence of many leading representatives from the Government, academia and private sector representative, who applauded the National Book Foundation and its leading event partner Mishal (PVT) Ltd. for coming forth with such an important public event.

Addressing the audience, the Managing Director of the National Book Foundation, Mr. Mazhar-ul-Islam said that “Education is the light of knowledge and this light is what will take our country forward. The information age is transforming rapidly and reaching out to our children faster than ever before. However, this kind of information is only valuable when it is based and analyzed on actual knowledge, and this comes from educational and learning books. These are the fundamental pillars in our education system and need to be valued and utilized at its maximum”.

Amir Jahangir, Chief Executive Officer of Mishal Pvt. Ltd, the leading partner in the event said that “ all international development experts have defined education as one of the key elements for a sustainable progress of any nation, as it plays a critical role in empowering people and transforming societies. Progressive nations across the globe especially thrive on the power of knowledge. We believe that the quality primary education system is in particular essential, as it gives each child the basis for developing a healthy mindset”.

Amir Jahangir said that education is the critical tool required by nations so that they are able to survive, to develop their full capacities, to live and work in dignity, to participate fully in development, to improve the quality of their lives, to make informed decisions, and to continue learning.

He concluded the event by sharing that Mishal would be supporting the Government of Pakistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals set for 2015 by the United Nations, which aim at providing primary education for all across the world. We would continue to carry out public awareness activities and interactions through education, awareness and creativity.
Mishal (PVT) Ltd. is one of Pakistan’s leading strategic communication companies specializing in sector development initiatives with a spotlight on behavior change communication, perception building and future scenario predictions using methodologies and resources that service the lifestyle and social needs of individuals, their families, the communities they live in and ultimately their larger domains. Its strategic communication projects aim at assisting people gain the awareness, knowledge and ability to meet their developmental needs and center on people, their needs and perceptions, helping them understand issues and be able to act in ways that improve their health, education or economic well-being.

The National Book Foundation was established in 1972 as a service rendering educational welfare organization. It is a statutory Corporation created through an Act of the Parliament in order to make books available at moderate prices. The Federal Education Minister is Chairman of the Board of Governors.

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