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Entrepreneurial potential discussed

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LAHORE: “Pakistan presents a confluence of interest for both US businesses and the people of Pakistan. Despite dire predictions, Pakistan’s economy has a number of structural factors that will translate investment into growth,” Sadika Hameed, Fellow with the Center for the Washington-based Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said on Wednesday, according to a CSIS press release.

She was speaking at a roundtable organised by CSIS and Mishal Pakistan.

Hameed “is an expert on competitiveness, private-sector development, political risk and frontier markets,” it said.

“CSIS is carrying out a series of roundtables and interviews to discuss the entrepreneurial potential and private sector development in Pakistan. This activity will result in a report for policymakers and the business community in the United Sates and Pakistan. The businesses in the two countries will also be brought together through investors’ conferences in Washington DC and Pakistan as well,” it said. “Representatives of political parties, the business community, education, media, and civil society attended the roundtable.

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