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Education advocacy programme for media, policy-makers launched Publication

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Date: March 14, 2014
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ISLAMABAD: Mishal Pakistan had launched ‘Ilm-o-Agahi’Education Advocacy Programme to sensitise the media and policy-makers to build consensus on priority educational issues. Under the programme, Mishal would conduct education journalism workshops for reporters and editors. Roundtable meetings and provincial level education conferences would create consensus among the stakeholders to highlight educational issues among media, educationists, policy-makers and legislators. The fourteen month long activity would be funded by “Ilm Ideas”, a three year UK-funded program. According to Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan “it is the right of every child to have free education and the government to provide free education to every child”, however, according to the economic survey of Pakistan (2011-12), only 59% of the children had been enrolled in schools across Pakistan.
ILM-o-AGAHI Programme Manager Asif Farooqui, while discussing the salient features of the initiative, said that a learning platform for journalists reporting on education would be developed. He further said, “Mishal is also introducing special categories on education journalism in the upcoming annual journalism ‘AGAHI Awards 2014’ to promote education journalism in Pakistan.”

Through the programme’s initiative, a series of education journalism workshops would be held across Pakistan for reporters. The workshops aim to increase the capacity of journalists and improve coverage on education related issues in media. Thirty education reporters would be selected to participate in each workshop, to enhance their understanding on the key education issues identified in this initiative and build the skill-set of journalists to capture the community’s perspective and voice when reporting on aforementioned issues.

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