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The Lahore Press Club has been functional pre-partition and it is the representative body of more than 100 journalists based in Lahore, it also caters for the journalists visiting Lahore from other parts of the country as well as international journalists visiting Pakistan. Lahore Press Club creates opportunities for the media persons in the Lahore and the Punjab region and offers a multitude of facilities to its members under one roof.

Mr. Sarmad Bashir, President Lahore Press Club

Lahore Press Club is being headed by Mr. Sarmad Bashir as President and Mr. Munem Farooqui as the Coordinator for the Lahore Press Club.


  • Unfairness in football match by organizing committee, referee & line men’s (Lahore board intercollegiate FOOTBALL championship)

    18th January 2012 = Railway Road college Vs Govt College Lahore
    (2nd semifinal)
    Akram(Chest # 16) of Railway Road college,Lahore played a match against Govt College Lahore on Wednesday 18 Jan 2012 in semifinal of Lahore board intercollegiate football championship. Venue was izmir society, raiwind road, Lahore. Referee issued him red card in this match. Whole Govt college team, KIPS College team & officials are witness of this things & they viewed the scene of issuing red card to him(Akram Chest # 16)

    19th January 2012 = Railway Road college Vs KIPS College Lahore
    (match for 3rd & 4th position)
    The red issued card player (Akram chest # 16(18th jan) via changing shirt# 5(19 jan) again played a match on 19th jan 2012 against KIPS College. The whole KIPS team protested against organizing body but no vain. Red card issued player can never played next match according to rules & regulations otherwise whole team is disqualified from the contest.

    Last year, Railway road disqualified due to playing 2 outsiders & they set their tradition. Railway road beat govt college Lahore & govt College Lahore officials protested & won their protest.

    Whole organizing body, referee & line man were biased & try to support railway Road College as much as they can. KIPS College spokes person said that we have science subjects students & played fairly this contest while did not tease or protest anything. We knew that railway Road College had outsider’s players but we kept our focus on playing not on to protest. Exploitation, prejudice, unfairness & discrimination when reached on peak then they had protest in written form against Railway Road College & provide written protest to organizer in 1st half. But no one is ready to listen anything, each & every things was fixed & supporting to Railway Road College.

    1. (M. Jamil 0321-4245433) = a father of GCU student who come daily to see matches daily. He saw & verified that Akram of railway Road College was issued red card yesterday & he is again playing on chest # 5. Even he told city 42 channel media person that Railway Road college should be disqualified due o foul of the game & due to playing a red card issue player.
    2. Mujahid 0321-4729384 = a foot ball expert & lover who come to see matches. He also told that Railway Road College played a red card issued player via changing his shirt #16 to 5.
    3. you may ask GCU sports officials about Akram red card issued scene

    We have many evidences but Lahore board sports organizing committee is not listening our protest.

    Justice is no more in Pakistan

    Prof. Faisal Fayyaz
    Director Physical Education
    KIPS Colleges 0333-4877764, 0300-4387234

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