CALL FOR PAPERS – MATRIZes, number 7, 2nd semester 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS – MATRIZes, number 7, 2nd semester 2010

Deadline: 30 August 2010

MATRIZes, the biannual journal of the Postgraduate Program in Communication Sciences of University of São Paulo, Brazil, accepts theoretical works and results from researchs concerning  Communication field, besides book reviews. MATRIZes has the highest concept among scientific journals in Communication in Brazil. The concept is given through national assessment made by CAPES, agency of Brazilian Ministry of Education.

MATRIZes has two versions: print and online. In the print edition, papers are published in Portuguese. In online version, papers are available in Portuguese and in their original language – English, Spanish and French.

Please visit our website:

Guidelines can be found on “Section Policies” of the website. Submissions must be done only by website.

For further information, CONTACT:

 For the Editors,

 Professor Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes, PhD
 School of Communications and Arts
 University of São Paulo – Brasil

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