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Bridging the Digital Divide for Journalists


Provision of Computer Labs to Press Clubs of Per-Urban Areas :

AGAHI,in its endeavor to work for shaping the future of journalism, launched an initiative to close the digital divide through corporate contributions of computers, donated by corporate sponsors.  Agahi kicked off the drive by installing 10 computers at the Sahiwal press club.

Most of the press clubs in Pakistan have limited access to computers or lack sufficient number of machines to meet the daily requirement. By removing this digital divide, the media fraternity will be able to meet the tight deadlines resulting in increased productivity.

Speaking at the occasion President, Sahiwal Press Club Mr.ArshadShakir said “I would like to acknowledge Agahi’s initiative and support. This effort will ensure that more journalists have access to computers and they can get online and become full participants in the digital economy and culture. I would like to thank AGAHI for the generous donation; more companies should come forth and participate in initiatives like these.”


In his message the Executive Chairman of Agahi, Amir Jahangir said, “We are moving into the information age, which is all about connectivity; Agahi has always been a firm believer in bringing innovation and working with media community for their betterment. This donation by PMPKL will contribute to improvement in the quality of journalism, which Agahi has been working for the last few years.” Agahi will be taking the initiative further by bringing other press clubs in peri-urban areas in KPK as well.

As of 2011 Pakistan has the 15th largest population of internet users in the world. The World Economic Forum, assessing the development of Information and Communication Technology in the country ranked Pakistan 102nd amongst 144 countries in the Global Information Technology report of 2012.

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