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ARY News Reports: ARY News receives ‘Favourite News Channel of the Year’ award at Agahi Awards 2017

ISLAMABAD: ARY News once again clinched the ‘Favourite News Channel of the Year’ award in the People’s Choice category at this year’s Agahi Awards ceremony in Islamabad.

A number of print, television, radio and digital media journalists from across Pakistan were awarded in over 35 categories for their work in the ceremony in the federal capital.

Not only the channel but one of its top talk show hosts Kashif Abbasi too won the ‘Most Credible Anchor of the Year’ award, a reminder that people still trust ARY News for both news and views.


It is pertinent to note here that ARY News clinched the same award last year along with four other Agahi Awards.

ARY News anchor Arshad Sharif and Executive producer Adeel Raja had shared the ‘Investigative Journalist of the Year’ award while ’11th Hour’ host Waseem Badami was given ‘Favorite Current Affairs Anchor – Male’ award.

Fariha Fatima, a Multimedia journalist working for ARY News, won the award for her reporting of news falling in the category of ‘Infotainment’ while another reporter Shazia Nisar won ‘Creating Shared Value‘ award over her reporting on border security.

The AGAHI Awards are an annual award series for journalists across Pakistan and were inaugurated in Pakistan for the very first time in March 2012.

The awards are organized in collaboration with local and international media bodies, regulatory authorities, private sector and other stakeholders.

The objective of these awards is to recognize and appreciate best journalistic practices in Pakistan, creating a healthy competition within media, encouraging ethical and professional reporting practices.

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