AllWorld Network launches Pakistan Fast Growth 25 Initiative

AllWorld Network launches Pakistan Fast Growth 25 Initiative

Islamabad, August 26: AllWorld Network announced the launch of Pakistan Fast Growth 25 here today. Business, NGO, and media leaders gathered for the launch of an initiative slated to be ‘an unprecedented program to find and advance the fast growth entrepreneurs creating the next economy of ideas and jobs.’

(L-R) Amir Jahangir, Irfan Aamir, Malik Ahmed Jalal, Puruesh Chaudhry

The Pakistan Fast Growth 25 is a program of AllWorld Network in partnership with Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter and was launched in collaboration with JS Bank Limited, FPCCI and other local partners. AllWorld has similar programs in Saudi Arabia, Jordan Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, India and Turkey. AllWorld’s mission is to create 1 million jobs by 2015. AllWorld aims to achieve this by finding and advancing ALL the growth entrepreneurs of the emerging world, and building the largest entrepreneurship information system in the world.

Commenting on behalf of AllWorld Network its cofounder Anne Habiby said that “the Pakistan Fast Growth 25 companies, led by dynamic men and women, represent a new future of the country. We are honored to be working with JS Bank Limited and our other partners to put Pakistan’s growth entrepreneurs on the global radar screen.”

Rehmatullah Javed, Chairman of FPCCI (Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries) Standing Committee on SME, speaking on the occasion said, “the Pakistan Fast Growth will highlight the role of the private sector in generating new ideas, new jobs and new industries. The Pakistan Fast Growth 25 will help identify entrepreneurship path for others to follow and will send a message around the world that Pakistan is a strong country for entrepreneurship.”

“JS Bank Limited is a strong advocate of innovation and growth and by partnering with AllWorld we hope to recognize and commend entrepreneurial excellence that lies within Pakistan. It is through initiative like the Pakistan Fast Growth 25, an invaluable opportunity is presented to identify compelling stories of success from emerging entrepreneurs. Now more than ever we need to find and support these new business leaders because they are the future of the country’s economy and they will send a signal to thousands of others that they too can succeed. Our complete support is with the AllWorld team and we hope to create a great blend of successful entrepreneurs that will represent Pakistan.” said Kaleem-ur-Rehman, President of JS Bank Limited.

Addressing the gathering, Malik Ahmad Jalal, Director of Pakistan Fast Growth 25 said, “The solution to Pakistan’s economic challenges lies not in foreign lands, but in the entrepreneurial talent of its own citizens. Pakistani entrepreneurs have flourished in spite of some of the most restricting economic and security environments in the world. The Pakistan Fast Growth 25 is recognition of the spirit of these dynamic men and women who are a great resource and the best bet for Pakistan’s future.”

AllWorld was co-founded by Deirdre Coyle, Jr., Anne Habiby and Board chairman Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter. Professor Porter was described by the Times of London as the world’s “most influential management guru” and is widely regarded at the foremost authority on company and country competitiveness. Coyle and Habiby recently co-wrote the Harvard Business review article – The High-Intensity Entrepreneur. For more on AllWorld Network visit



– JS Bank Limited

– FPCCI Standing Committee on SME

– Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

– Mishal (Pvt.) Ltd.

Pakistan and India will anchor the Asia Fast Growth 500 regional program, and winners in Pakistan and India also qualify to be winners of the Asia 500. The top winners from each country are invited to participate in the AllWorld Summit at Harvard University that will take place the week of October 18, 2010.

Companies from all over the country, and from any industry, are invited to apply to the Pakistan Fast Growth 25. Companies that apply are ranked based on their sales growth between 2007 and 2009 and younger companies are ranked as “Companies to Watch.” The company with the fastest growing sales earns the number one spot. Each applicant fills out a survey at in the Asia 500 section that gives insights into company and country competitiveness that can be used to provide real time feedback to policy makers and guide investors looking for growth opportunities.

Companies can apply to the Pakistan Fast Growth 25 at through the Asia 500 section ( or from the website of Mishal (Pvt.) Limited ( Applications are also being accepted at any of the 102 JS Bank Limited branches in 49 cities across the nation.


– Differentiate your company from thousands of others through your performance. Winners gain local and international media attention that draws new customers, investors, talent, and opportunities.

– The top 5 winners from each country are invited to attend the AllWorld Leadership Summit in October at Harvard University and the Pinnacle Institute with fast-growing companies from around the world. The winners will be trained in business strategy and entrepreneurship with some of the leading academics and business leaders.

– Network and build business relationships with leading fast growing companies. In addition, be trained in business strategy and development by the leading academics and successful international entrepreneurs.

– Be a member of the exclusive Asia 500 business network and the AllWorld Exchange Growth-to-Growth platform, a unique ideas and information exchange platform to meet the needs of fast growing companies.


Be an independent, private, for-profit, corporation or partnership, or proprietorship.

– Must NOT be a non-profit, holding company, franchise, bank or utility company. Private companies established by government or where government is a majority stakeholder, are also NOT eligible.

– Have 6 or more full-time employees in 2009.

– Have a minimum 3-year operating history, and revenue (USD) of at least $100,000 in 2007 and $500,000 in 2009. Younger companies can compete to be a “Company to Watch.”

– Provide audited statements or an audit letter to confirm your company’s revenues.


Anne Habiby, Deirdre Coyle (Co-Founders of AllWorld Network) and Malik Ahmad Jalal (Director of Pakistan Fast Growth 25) available at cell: +923025277223  or +14107360220

Amir Jahangir (Mishal Private Limited), Official Communication Partner of Pakistan Fast Growth 25 at or cell: +923008555161

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