ALLWORLD NETWORK Extends the deadline for Pakistan Fast Growth 25 application deadline to 17 September 2010

Apply for Pakistan 25 and Asia 500!

Are you an entrepreneur whose business is growing fast? Can you benefit from increased exposure to potential investors, business partners, customers and suppliers?

AllWorld Network and Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, in partnership with JS Bank, launched the first ever Pakistan 25, a ranking of the fastest growing private businesses in Pakistan.  Read coverage about the Pakistan 25 in the Daily Times and The Express Tribune.

AllWorld Network and its partners are looking for the most dynamic, fast growing companies in Pakistan – the companies creating the next economy of ideas and jobs. The winners will be published in national and international media. Winners become part of the Asia 500, and will join the AllWorld Network of winners from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

There are no costs involved, the deadline to apply is midnight September 17, 2010

Learn more about the program at Asia 500 or CLICK HERE TO APPLY to the Pakistan 25.


  • Differentiate your company from thousands of others through your performance.  Winners gain local and international media attention that draws new customers, investors, talent, and opportunities.

  • The top 5 winners from each country are invited to attend the AllWorld Leadership Summit in October at Harvard University and the Pinnacle Institute with fast-growing companies from around the world.

  • Network and build business relationships with leading fast growing companies. In addition, be trained in business strategy and development by the leading academics and successful international entrepreneurs.


  • Be an independent, private, for-profit, corporation or partnership, or proprietorship.
  • Must NOT be a non-profit, holding company, franchise, bank or utility company. Private companies established by government or where government is a majority stakeholder are also NOT eligible.
  • Have 6 or more full-time employees in 2009.
  • Have a minimum 3-year operating history, and revenue (USD) of at least $100,000 in 2007 and $500,000 in 2009.
  • Provide audited statements or an audit letter to confirm your company’s revenues.
  • Smaller and younger companies can apply to be recognized as Companies to Watch.

If you have any questions about the program please contact: Ahmad Jalal Director of New Markets and Pakistan 25 l 100, at:

“Being a Saudi Fast 100 winner inspired our team. Our staff sees that their hard work has paid off, our customers are more confident that they are putting their needs in the right hands and our shareholders are proud to be #1.”

– 2009 Saudi Fast Growth 100 #1 company – Secutronic’s co-founders, Mr. Jawad Anwar Ali and Mr. Ihab El     Samannoudi

To Learn more about our partners visit JS Bank, MISHAL and The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI)

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  • Hello Everyone,
    I made it to the Saudi Fast 100 List as #1 and I am from Pakistan, I wish you guys best of luck.

    Jawad H.Anwar Ali

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