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Agahi Awards launched for journalists

Published: April 1, 2012
Source: http://www.pakistanpressfoundation.org/miscellaneous-news/50177/agahi-awards-launched-for-journalists/

ISLAMABAD: Agahi Awards are Pakistan’s first journalism awards, aimed at recognising the services of the country’s best journalists. These awards were organised by Mishal Pakistan in collaboratiAgahi Awards launched for journalistson with the leading press clubs across the country, local and international media development bodies, regulatory authorities, the private sector and other stakeholders.

Puruesh Chaudhry, president for Agahi and ambassador on Media Ethics with Centre for International Media Ethics (CIME), said the initiative was launched in an effort to raise the standards of journalism in the country, creating a new crop of correspondents and editors who could develop counter-narratives to offset the ideology of extremists and work for peace and harmony in Pakistan.

Amir Jahangir, CEO Mishal and Young Global Leader with World Economic Forum, emphasised the need for creating Media Development Fund in Pakistan for the promotion of journalism and quality content.

The presidents of eight of the leading press clubs gathered at a platform to raise journalistic standards in the country. Winners of the Agahi Awards showcased counter-narratives discouraging radical mindset in Pakistan. In the People’s Choice category, the award for the most favourite current affairs anchor and news channel went to Hamid Mir.

Haroon Baloch of another private channel bagged three awards in the categories of conflict, crime and environment.

Others prominent remained were Muhammad Ali Khan in business and economy category, Idrees Bakhtiar and Muhammad Ali Khan in exclusive piece on corruption in a prominent magazine, Saadia Khalid in education, Mubarak Zaib Khan in energy, water and food security nexus, Fazal Khaliq in gender, Mashkoor Ali in governance Ibrahim Suheyl in health, Ali Usman in human rights, Usman Ghafoor in infotainment, Naveed Nasim in interfaith for his documentary on Gojra riots, Asad Kharal in media ethics, Zaheer Chaudhry and from Balochistan Matiullah Achakzai in photo-journalism, and Waheedullah Afridi in terrorism and extremism.

Arif Rana of a private channel won the award for the Best Investigative Journalist for his extensive work on issues related to corruption and governance. Arshad Sharif was recognised for his contribution to Pakistan’s war against terrorism and his counter-narratives on undermining radical ideologies. He also belongs to a private TV channel from Lahore.

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