A New Era of Socio-Economic Responsibility for journalists in Bhutan and Beyond

The aim of the annual CIME Forum is to facilitate discussion about international media ethics with a focus on the area in which it is based.

There will be speakers from Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, India and the US discussing media ethics in Bhutan and beyond. There will also be a day of workshops for selected journalists where they will receive training in ethical journalism on our groundbreaking J-Ethinomics concept and ethical journalism. Registration to the conference and the training the following day will be open soon.

We are still seeking donors to support the CIME Forum in Bhutan 2012 in order to enable journalists from outside Bhutan to travel to the conference.

Should you be interested to join the Forum as a supporting partner, please do not hesitate to contact Csilla Szabó .

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The Forum is a regional conference offering a platform for discussion among journalists from the surrounding countries. Why we chose Bhutan as a location?

In a new democracy, every organisation including the media is trying to find their role in the society. Since there are only a handful of media firms with a largely in-experienced and un-skilled media professionals against a global media onslaught in Bhutan, it is important to come up with quality, original content to sensitise and train media professionals on media ethics. Today, the media scene has substantially changed particularly following democratisation.

As of now, there are nine newspapers, five magazines, one TV station (with others in the pipe line), and 5 private FM radio stations apart from the growing film industry. Education and training of media professionals working in the changing environment will be critical to the success of democracy.

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