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1st Call for Papers, CULTUS: The Intercultural Journal of Mediation and Communication

1st Call for Papers

CULTUS: The Intercultural Journal of Mediation and Communication

Issue 4 (November 2011)

We welcome contributions focusing on corpus linguistics in the investigation of contextual and cultural aspects of text, discourse and communication across languages.

November 15th 2010: call for abstracts

January 31st 2011: paper submission

Please send your proposals to

Cultus: the Journal of intercultural mediation and communication is an international refereed journal focusing on the role of culture in constructing, perceiving and translating reality. The Journal aims to develop an awareness of the interplay between language and culture in communication.

The goal of this Journal is to promote research, education and training in communication by investigating language, languages, cultural models, conflict, mediation and interculturality. Furthermore, since translation is considered as mediation between cultures it will be included as a way of seeing cultural linguistics at work.

A fascinating feature of this Journal is constituted by a debate discussing a topic of relevant interest to those working in the field.:

Cultus 1: “Translation at Work” (Nov. 2008). Interview between translation scholars Andrew Chesterman and Mona Baker,

Cultus 2, “Training and Competencies” (Nov. 2009). Interview between Delia Chiaro and Geert Hofstede.

Cultus 3, “Identity and Integration” (Nov. 2010). Interview between Patrick Boylan and Milton Bennett.

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David Katan, University of Salento and University of Trieste

Elena Manca, University of Salento

Cinzia Spinzi, University of Bologna

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