Irfan Aamir

Irfan Aamir, Advisor on media relations is also the CEO for Idea Simple, a media boutique outlet for creative and media management. He was previously responsible for cofounding the successful private marketing & media relations consultancy firm, 02 Communications in June 2002, where he also served as a partner.

Prior to O2 Communications, he was heading Adcom PRS (2000 – 2002), a sister concern of Adcom Advertising, a leading advertising agency in Pakistan. He was an integral part of a senior management team responsible for restructuring of the company.

Before Adcom PRS, Aamir was working as Senior Brands Manager for TGI Friday’s ( and Pizza Express ( for a middle-east based private equities holding group, Cupola ( till June 2000. He was also entrusted with additional responsibilities of being the PR Manager for Cupola Group in Pakistan, in the latter part of his association with the company between 1999-2000.

During 1998 & 1999, working as Manager Public and Media Relations for CMC (Corporate & Marketing Communications), an affiliate of Manning Selvage & Lee (, he was responsible for management and planning for key international and local accounts. During this period he was part of various strategic efforts and extensive training sessions in the country and abroad.

Irfan’s basic work orientation has been in areas of public and media relations management, client management and marketing. For over eight years he has been a regular contributor on these subjects for the country’s leading marketing and PR journals.